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Advertised Otome

For the past year or so, I’ve been seeing many advertisements for otome on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Most of the time, I would ignore these ads since there’s countless of them on these platforms. However, at one point I saw that Instagram had this advertisement for one of my favorite games… Continue reading Advertised Otome


The Blind Griffin- Otome Review

Title: The Blind Griffin Company: Asphodel Quartet Release date: April 4th, 2015 Genre: Historical Fantasy, Rated: 13+ Synopsis: “It’s the roaring 20’s. Alcohol- loving Americans are chafing underneath the restrictions of Prohibition, but speakeasies have thankfully risen to fill the void with ill-begotten booze. The Blind Griffin is one such speakeasy in San Francisco, California,… Continue reading The Blind Griffin- Otome Review


Is Beauty All There Is?– 5 Beauty-Themed Manga/ Webtoons

As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Just because some people don’t see the beauty in some things doesn’t mean that’s the same way for everyone. Everyone is insecure about one or more things within their own appearance. There are a few people who get bullied on a daily basis… Continue reading Is Beauty All There Is?– 5 Beauty-Themed Manga/ Webtoons