Looking for a Writing Style

I created Kitten Who Eats Ramen (Ryder) about two years ago on Blogger . When I did, I only just wanted to write, but I would do so in an inconsistent manner. What I mean by this is that there would be different formats/styles in many of the posts that I would make. Fast forward to October of 2018 when I made the page here, and to this day, I am still trying to find what kind of style suits me better. I think many people have this problem because they want to make their blog unique, but at the same time take inspiration from other bloggers as well.

There are times where I do think my blog seems a bit boring because of the background and such, but it’s also hard for me to see it in a different template and font. I also wondered if I should make posts on episodes/chapters of anime, dramas or mangas when they come out, but I also like the idea of doing a final review rather than just go one episode at a time. The reason why I was thinking about the prior option was that I wanted to be more frequent with my posts. The thing is, I’m more comfortable with having a broader idea when making reviews. Either way, I’m still experimenting in seeing what works better for me in means of not only making blogging a fun experience but also to improve myself as a blogger.

If you’re going through or have gone through this, is it frustrating for you or are you having fun in experimenting with different styles? I’m really curious about what you guys think and have to say with this. This is just something that I’ve been thinking about for the past few months. I’m gonna sign off before I keep on rambling. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up everyone! Nya! 🐾

Me! Image from: Jay

4 thoughts on “Looking for a Writing Style

  1. I find that blogs are ever-evolving. When I first started I did an anime quote a day post. Midway through the first year I kind of decided that even though people seemed to like it, it was a fairly empty post and so I discontinued it. I added in top 5 lists because I enjoyed reading them. This year I’ve added a character focus post each week because I’ve been wanting to talk more about some characters. I think that’s the nature of blogging. We keep trying things and the things that work or we enjoy keep going whereas other stuff just kind of fades away.

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  2. I started out with updates about my writing and season reviews. Then I upped the number of posts in an attempt to be more frequent and started doing seasonal anime updates, four episodes at a time. Then I started doing episode reviews for one series through the Winter schedule. I’ve recently decided (been reminded) that I prefer to binge anime and manga. I like the immersion that comes from watching the whole season in a couple of days, however I do enjoy the weekly discussion about the episode reviews. So next season I’m going to pick two shows to do episode reviews for and then hold off on all the other shows until I can binge them and do season reviews.

    I think I got caught up in trying to post everyday and as a result neglected my actual writing. This is me trying to find a balance so I can do all things without ignoring anything.

    Like Karandi said I think it’s natural for the blog to evolve as you go. No one has all the answers on day one and it wouldn’t make much sense to stick to one format forever.

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  3. It’s OK to not know what you’re doing, so long as you enjoy doing it.

    Anyways, I’ve been an erratic blogger for years so moving to a post a week is a bit strenuous (because I panic when I realise I’m almost out of posts). Frequency helps with popularity and fostering internet relationships, but only if you can keep up with it.

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  4. “There are times where I do think my blog seems a bit boring because of the background and such, but it’s also hard for me to see it in a different template and font.”

    It’s not boring to me at all. As a reader, I look for a design that shows me right away what posts are new; your site does that! I then look for readability. It’s not that I don’t like a bright font on a dark background; it’s that after 5 paragraphs, I can’t read it anymore! Your site had dark text on a muted background, so it’s really easy to read.

    So from my perspective, it’s a great design!

    But please do keep experimenting. The more you know about your craft and the tech that supports it (like WordPress), the more in charge you’ll be of your own destiny.

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