Here U Are -Manhua Review

“Here U Are” is a yaoi manhua/webcomic that was released on November of 2017 and then translated in English in May of this year (2018). Being also within the genre of “Slice of Life”, this manhua/webcomic takes place in a university in China. The two main characters are LiHuan and  YuYang. YuYang is an openly gay sophomore whereas LiHuan is a mysterious freshman who is still in grief from the death of his mother. The webcomic/manhua is still ongoing so I can’t really get into too many details except that this is really dramatic from the start.

When I started to read this, I was cringing a bit because of YuYang’s narration in the beginning. It was really weird because he calls himself “daddy” from chapter one which kinda irks me, to be honest. It really did remind me of stories that I used to read on Wattpad back when I was about 13. The way the author also portrayed the two main characters was also a bit bland for me, but since I wanted to give it a chance, I kept on reading. Further on, you do start to feel some sympathy for the characters due to the fact that the author shows a bit of their background one chapter at a time. The art style is pretty and the colors go very well with the atmosphere that the author is trying to portray throughout the story so far.

So, keeping everything I mentioned in mind, I give “Here U Are” a good 3 pairs of paws nya. I hope that the story keeps building up even more and gains more attention.  I went to check if the author (D.Jun ) does have anymore manhua/webcomics done, and he indeed does. So I hope you also read his other works as well as this one. Until the next article, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone. Nya! 🐾🐾🐾


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