2019 Resolutions

Since the year is ending this week, I decided to make a list for my 2019 resolutions both for the blog and my personal life. I won’t be writing about the ones for my personal life here because that is an entire list on its own. Before I list my resolutions for this upcoming year, I want to mention the things that I was able to get done this year.

1- Move the blog from Blogger to WordPress

I made this exact same blog on Blogger back in June of 2017. The reason why I moved it to here was because it was nearly impossible to meet anyone else within the anime, Asian drama, etc. community. Thing was, I was always procrastinating on doing so because I was fearful that not many people will enjoy my content on here. I finally moved the entire blog in late October along with the majority of the old content (some of them was just me ranting as myself which I didn’t think that people would want to read) while also adding in some new ones which I am currently doing.

2- Create More Content

Back in September of 2017, the place where I live was hit by two hurricanes- the latter one (Hurricane María) was so lethal that hundreds of people died and many of us who survived were without power weeks or even months (sometimes we had power, but with a simple blow of the wind, it would be gone) which made writing a lot more difficult. When the power was stabilized, I barely did anything other than study. I also procrastinated a lot in finding what to write about since I didn’t see the point in doing so. During the Summer, though, I decided to write some content on Blogger and when I moved everything over here, I decided to try and be more consistent with my content.

3- See a counselor

While I was taking Summer classes in the University, I decided to finally go and see a counselor in hopes that that will help me with my emotional state and confidence. I have always had a very low self-esteem and confidence which would effect how consistent my content was along with my studies. I would have trouble trying to get up every single day to get to class, and I would always ask myself “what’s the point of writing anything if no one is going to read it”. Of course, I knew that there were people back then and now that enjoy what I write and what I have to say on certain topics, but back then, I always let that thought get the best of me which ultimately reflected on the way that I worked. While I know that I still have a long way to go, seeing the counselor really helped me become stronger and be more confident in myself and what I do.

Now for my 2019 Resolutions:

1- Read More Manga and Watch More Anime and Dramas

Being in college, this is nearly impossible unless I decide to binge watch on a weekend and risk not studying for a class. This year, I was able to watch many anime and dramas; however, I would like to be able to see more since I wasn’t able to fit much time for myself and enjoy things like this due to the amount of studying I would do every day. I was thinking about trying to watch maybe 3 episodes of a drama or anime and read at least 5 chapters of a manga per week.

2- Schedule Content Better

While I was able to be a bit more consistent with my content, I do think that I should schedule the different categories of content (Anime, Dramas, Manga, and Games) for a certain day instead of it seeming random. While I don’t think that it will always be the same pattern since there will be times that I will maybe write 2 anime or drama articles in a row while also putting one or two on games and mangas among other kinds of content along the way, hopefully this will make it a bit more organized and balanced than it is now.

3- Post More on Social Media

While I do post a lot on my personal pages, I’ve been more or less neglecting the pages for the blog on social media. I’ll try to post maybe once or twice per day on at least Facebook and Twitter while posting three or four times per week on Instagram.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some of these resolutions achieved next year. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Until then, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone. Happy New Year! Nya! 🐾


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