Languages That I know and Why I know/ Study them

A while back, I wrote “Tips for Learning a Foreign Language” as a means for making learning a new language a bit easier and a joyous experience for those interested. Recently, I’ve been thinking on talking about the languages that I know/am learning and why I study them. This is to show that you can… Continue reading Languages That I know and Why I know/ Study them


A Couple of Handsome Men (Manhua Initial Review)

A Couple of Handsome Men is a yaoi manhua (Chinese manga) released in 2017. It takes place in China where the main character- a talented basketball player- is offered to become a part of an M-Pop group and become an idol. He ends up being in the same group with 4 other rather interesting men… Continue reading A Couple of Handsome Men (Manhua Initial Review)

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My Favorite Couples (Manga, Anime, and Drama)

With Valentine’s day being tomorrow, I decided to write my favorite 3 couples. Please know that there won’t be any explanation to them like I do in my usual posts because I’m a bit busy with classes, but I still wanted to keep posting for Valentine’s week. Believe me..I have a lot to say about… Continue reading My Favorite Couples (Manga, Anime, and Drama)

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Double Otome/Visual Novel Review: Building Up My Virgin Boy and Seduce Me: The Otome

For Valentine’s Day I’ve been playing otome and visual novels while also trying to read as many romance manga and watching as many romance anime and dramas as I possibly can. During this time, there are many good creations and I’ve seen many people put their talent into good use. Two good examples of this are Red Embrace and Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts (both of which I have done a review on). There are many creations that I have enjoyed for the past month or so- that being said, there are a few that just didn’t cut it for me.


Falling in Love with Romance (again)

In order to find material for the Valentine’s posts, I have been watching romance anime and dramas, while also reading countless manga and playing numerous otome games. While all of this is fine and all, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to fall into this bottomless hole that is romance stories. As a teen, I used… Continue reading Falling in Love with Romance (again)


Red Embrace (Game/Visual Novel Review)

Rex and MC Red Embrace is an Argent Games BL visual novel that was released on February 15, 2018. The story takes place in modern day San Francisco, and starts off in a diner at nighttime. Your character (however you decide to name them unless you decide to keep the original name), works in the… Continue reading Red Embrace (Game/Visual Novel Review)