Pride Month: Finally Living Together With My Anti-Fan- Initial Review

“Finally Living Together With My Anti-Fan” is a comedic shounen-ai webcomic by Yu Ci, Hua Xiang Gong Zuo Shi and Hu Yuan which was released in 2017. A lead dancer and most popular member from a male idol group, JunRan, left after he was revealed to be gay due to a scandal. A while later, he decided to attend college where his roommate just so happens to be his #1 anti-fan.

Before reading this, I sort of judged the webtoon from its title right away since the idea of a hater falling in love with the idol of their initial hatred is rather cliché, but I decided to read it anyway to see how the authors would attempt taking advantage of that. The fact that the story starts off with the cliché of the shy, nerdy college student meeting a very popular idol is very much present from the beginning. I also didn’t really like Xiao Xiao in the beginning—especially since the reason why he became JunRan’s #1 hater was out of jealousy because his crush just so happened to like JunRan a bit too much for his liking. I found him really annoying, but that soon changes as the story progresses.

With that being said, I did find myself enjoying the story—especially since you do see the relationship between the two grow. Thing is it soon turns into a love triangle even though Xiao Xiao is too blind to notice it. I also found myself back in the habit of desperately wanting to see how Xiao Xiao falls in love with JunRan (if it does happen since it’s still ongoing at the time that I am writing and posting this.)I guess the one thing about clichés at times is that sometimes, you just can’t help but fall in love with it—no matter how many times you’ve seen something of the caliber.

This is a bit shorter than what I normally write since I decided to leave the rest for the final review when the webcomic is completed. For now, I’ll give “Finally Living Together With My Anti-Fan” three paws out of five 🐾🐾🐾 because it does seem a bit slow in the beginning and it doesn’t really make you quite interested until you’re about 5-15 chapters in. I think it has potential though so I’m excited to see what happens next and how it ends. That’s it for today. Thank you for reading. Until next time, keep your paws and bowl of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


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