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One Week of Animedoro

From: ZeroChan The Pomodoro technique (as defined by Todoist) is when you set a timer for 25 minutes (work/study) and have 5 minutes of rest or 50 minutes of work/study and 10 minutes of rest. The premise is for people who have a hard time focusing or need a way to set timed goals, be… Continue reading One Week of Animedoro


Game Review: My Dangerous Life

Title: My Dangerous Life Company: Giiku Games Genre: Dating Sim, Yaoi, LGBTQ+ Release Date: July 23, 2020 Rating: 13+ Synopsis: Hinata wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of studying abroad in New York, but the moment he arrives, everything starts going downhill. He is tricked out of his apartment, a stranger has stolen his identity… Continue reading Game Review: My Dangerous Life

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Using NaNoWriMo for everything other than Novel writing

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It usually happens in the month of November each year. It is also a non-profit organization that helps young writers be able to have their novel (50,000 words) written within one month by setting the goal of writing almost 2,000 words per day. Now, many of you… Continue reading Using NaNoWriMo for everything other than Novel writing