Game Review: My Dangerous Life

Title: My Dangerous Life

Company: Giiku Games

Genre: Dating Sim, Yaoi, LGBTQ+

Release Date: July 23, 2020

Rating: 13+


Hinata wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of studying abroad in New York, but the moment he arrives, everything starts going downhill.

He is tricked out of his apartment, a stranger has stolen his identity and enrolled at university in his stead, and he is stranded without any idea of how to deal with this mess. But then a handsome stranger offers his help, and suddenly Hinata finds himself in a shared apartment with three hot guys. A rollercoaster of emotions begins, and Hinata soon discovers that his roommates are hiding more secrets than they let on. (From: Steam)

Earlier this year during Pride Month, I had written an initial review on this game. Back then, I had only played through one route (Brad’s). I enjoyed his route; however, to be honest I had forgotten all about this game until very recently when I was uninstalling many games from my laptop for space (mainly because I was playing many other otomes in the meantime). I picked up the game and I managed to finish it in around 3-4 days (with breaks and of course making sure that I get more important matters done).

As I previously mentioned, the game is pretty straightforward. You play as a Japanese boy who has his identity stolen from him as soon as he gets to the United States and then gets saved by a rather “handsome stranger” who lives in a shared apartment with two more handsome strangers. The routes you can choose are:

He looks like a university student on the outside. He is tall, slender, attractive, smart and is top of his class, making him popular on campus. His arrogance and recklessness are overlooked because of his good looks. Behind the attractive facade, however, he is an elite assassin who has been trained since he was very young.

He is an obvious street gang member on the outside, but on the inside, he is actually a clown, sly, friendly, and cares about his friends. He is part of the gang ’66’ and is highly trusted by his group. He also works as a middleman at a bar that secretly serves the needs of underground society.

He is very charming and a complete gentleman. Although he is always smiling and has a gentle attitude, it makes it impossible to figure out his true feelings. He earns a living by being a conman and the rumor is that he will con anyone as long as there is money involved… (descriptions & banners of all characters taken from Steam).

Pretty straightforward… a bit too straightforward to be honest with you. I usually don’t read descriptions on games since I like to go in completely blind the first time around. However, now that I read the descriptions after looking it up on the steam page, the developers don’t really give much space for there to be a sense of mystery toward the routes. They basically give the entire plot away when it comes to their identities and what they each do for a living. In the game, they make it so there is an enormous space of mystery which makes you want to play more to see what happens next and what the true identities of each of the routes are; however, if you read the description before playing the game, it will most likely take away that factor.

Another thing to consider is how it is a bit cliché in the sense that you’re all of a sudden picked up by these random men in the streets who all turn out to be attracted to men. The only difference being that there isn’t really a time limit or anything which is the very cliché format that many otome fall under. It also gives you the feeling that you’re playing a very old otome (the reason for this might be that this is an adaptation from a mobile game made in 2018). Each route is 10-12 chapters long and they are fairly short which is why I was able to complete it within a very short amount of time. The gospel music still puts me off after so long—especially with how ironic it is considering the characters are a gangster, a con artist and an assassin respectively. I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

With that being said, I give My Dangerous Life 2 paws out of 5.🐾🐾 I would give it a 2.5 which would round up to 3; however, I don’t think that it deserves the rating due to how many missteps the developer made within the creation and overall description of the game. While it is fairly interesting and entertaining, it isn’t really enough to have you enjoy the game to the fullest and it doesn’t overall stand out for my tastes. If you do want to play it, I would recommend it because overall the art is good and the story is okay, but again the game overall just doesn’t stand out (for me). That’s it for today. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Thank you so much for reading. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾

Created by: NikkalMoon

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