Toilet- Bound Hanako-Kun: Anime Review

Title: Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun Genre: Paranormal, School-life, Romantic- Comedy Season(s): 1 Release date: January 10, 2020 Status: Completed on March 26, 2020 Synopsis: “Kamome Academy is known for its famous Seven Mysteries and supernatural occurrences, popularized by student rumors. Nene Yashiro, a first-year occult-loving student who yearns for a boyfriend, decides to summon the seventh mystery… Continue reading Toilet- Bound Hanako-Kun: Anime Review


Pride Month: Aoi Haru, Akai Ito- Manga Review

Aoi Haru, Akai Ito is a yaoi drama by Kisayuki which was released in 2016. Yuuki was raised in a very wealthy family with high expectations of becoming the inheritor of the family medical business. Due to this, so much pressure is pushed onto him—not only by his family but by the town as well.… Continue reading Pride Month: Aoi Haru, Akai Ito- Manga Review