Chihaya Review- Anime Review

Anime: Chihaya Furu

Genre: Sports, Romantic Comedy, School Life

Seasons: 3

Release Date: March 19, 2016

Chihaya Furu is a sports anime about the traditional-card game “Caruta” (which originated in Portugal but then came to Japan around the 15th century). The protagonist of this anime is called Chihaya Ayase who, in elementary school, fell in love with the competitive card game after becoming friends with the new student Arata Wataya. In fact, she became so obsessed with it, she sees herself solely doing caruta for a living (at least until season 3 where she has to decide on what to do for her future).

The entire anime was a learning experience for me. I’ve never heard of caruta before in my life. I had to research it and it absolutely blew my mind how amazing this competitive sport is (I’ll most likely start digressing on caruta alone instead of focusing on the actual anime, so I’ll stop here. If you’d like to know more about the sport, I suggest you look it up on YouTube. It is absolutely mind blowing). You find yourself rooting for each of the characters and even fall in love with the characters that only appear maybe in one or two episodes. The anime itself makes sure you are set up to feel the wave of emotions you get when watching any sport (at least, to me it had that effect).

You don’t really see much character development with the protagonist herself. You see it more with other characters such as the other members of the caruta club. In fact, I feel like Chihaya has grown a lot dimmer as the seasons progress and maybe a bit aggressive too. Mind you, I haven’t read the manga yet, that is on my to-do list though. To be honest, I’m a bit torn with wanting them to have a fourth season and wanting for them to leave it with season three since the ending of season three was rather dark. The problem with this being, if they do continue with season 4, I’m scared that there will be high levels of toxicity between the characters (again, I haven’t read the manga yet. This is all just me going on predictions with what I’ve seen in the anime).

With that being said, I give Chihaya Furu (all three seasons) three paws out of five 🐾🐾🐾. It has a good story. I really enjoyed it. The downsides of it being the ending of season 3 and how Chihaya seems to have very little character development throughout the series. Of course, I’m going to start reading the manga when this is posted. I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya!🐾

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