Lookism (Manhwa Review)

Title: Lookism

Release Date: 2014

Status: Ongoing

Park Hyun Suk/ Daniel Park (name varies depending on where you read it) has been bullied his entire life to the point where he just wants to start life all over again. When he finally gets the chance to do so, he has to leave his hometown and his own mother behind. When he sees that life doesn’t exactly change, after a while, a miracle happens to him (you’re going to have to read it to find out :3 ).

I really like this manhwa because it’s really realistic in the aspect of problems such as bullying and economy. It has many life lessons and moments where you can relate with the characters. One thing that I love about this manhwa in particular is the fact that you can feel comfort when reading it. It is also very cute and funny. The writer, Park Tae Jun based the characters off of real people such as his friend Park Hyung Seok (who is Park Hyun Suk/Daniel Park).

I give Lookism 5 pairs of paws out of five because of how cute and relatable it is. I definitely recommend you read it because it is definitely worth the time doing so. 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

(Check out one of the songs that they made for one of the chapters. I’ll post the link on here. It is really good. :3)


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