Cooking Channels on YouTube

Asian cuisine has been growing popular throughout the years. You probably even go eat take out or buy sushi every week or so. However, sometimes you don’t want to just buy them, you want to make it yourself. Lucky for you there are many Youtube channels that teach you how to cook famous dishes. Just by watching the videos will be enough to make your mouth water. Here are some Asian channels you should check out.


Cooking With Dog

-Cooking with Dog has been on Youtube for about 10 years. It stars Francis the dog (host of the dog) and the chef. Francis (voiced over by a male) tells you the instructions and ingredients you will need for each dish while the Chef cooks it. Sadly, Francis died on November; however, the show keeps running. The chef now cooks with a picture of Francis by her side.



-Maangchi has been on Youtube for about a decade now. She teaches you how to cook traditional and healthy Korean foods. Her videos are very cute and fun to watch. If you don’t understand what she says, whether or not you understand English, she has captions in different languages.


Chinese Healthy Cook

-Chinese Healthy Cook has been on Youtube since 2011. She started cooking when she was little with her mother. It inspired her to become a cook and now she created channel so you can cook Chinese meals for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy, and as the name suggests, it’s healthy :3.


Seokyoung Longest

-Since 2011, Seokyoung Longest has been teaching us how to cook general Asian foods. From Korean to Chinese to Japanese- you name it, she’ll teach you how to cook those specific foods. You’ll have fun both learning how to cook with her and watching her videos.

I hope you guys enjoy their videos. They’re really good :3


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