Indigo Ignited (Pilot Episode) Reaction

(Picture from Official Page )

Hey Guys,

So a year ago, the creators of Indigo Ignited released the pilot episode on Youtube. And it is amazing. I was blown away by the astounding voice acting by Nathan Sharp and Amanda Lee. The anime is made by Americans with Storyboard artists from Japan, this is one anime that I am really excited to watch (not that I’m not always excited when a new anime is released). I couldn’t stop screaming out of excitement throughout the whole video and it’s only 8 minutes long. The video itself seems interesting and it left me wanting for more.

Synopsis: (from Official Page)

” Indigo Ignited is a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy anime that follows Kieran, the last of an extinct race, able to manipulate the flow of gravity in order to preserve a broken world at war. The Pilot Episode follows the story arc of the town of Annalise, ruled by a conniving Indigo hunter from the past; The Alderman. The Alderman bestows masks upon his townsfolk in order to control their thoughts and emotions, believing this to be the purest form of existence. Captured, Kieran is coerced into submitting his powers to sustain a dark utopia, ruled by a madman.”

If you want to watch the official pilot for Indigo Ignited, click here. I hope you guys enjoy it. Please subscribe to the page and the voice actors as well. They are amazingly talented. 

See you guys! Nya! 


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