Black Butler and Twin Spirit Detectives (Japanese VS Chinese Anime)

For years, anime has been a popular way of entertainment. While Japan is known for many things (including anime), Chinese anime is also getting noticed by many people. Now, what are differences and similarities (if any) on both sides? To answer this question, I’m going to compare and contrast between two of my favorite anime: Black Butler and Twin Spirit Detectives. Before I do that, I’ll talk briefly about both animes.

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) was originally released in 2008 and became a major hit globally. With 2 seasons, 3 OVAs, over 100 chapters in the manga, and 4-5 musicals, it’s safe to say that Black Butler is pretty well known in the anime community. Black Butler takes place in 19th Century England. It’s about a 13-year-old who makes a contract with a demon in order to seek revenge on those who ruined his life when he was younger.

Twin Spirit Detectives (Shuangsheng Lingtan) was released in late 2016 and the first season (still unknown whether the second season will be released) ended in early 2017. It’s about a pair of twins who try to investigate supernatural cases. Along the way, some events happen which cause the two twins to slowly go their separate ways.

How are they different?

  1. First of all, the obvious: the language. (Japanese and Chinese)
  2. My first impression of them:
  • Black Butler- What’s going on? The characters are really attractive…
  • Twin Spirit Detectives: The language makes me feel uncomfortable, but I’ll keep watching since it seems interesting. (This was the first Chinese anime that I’ve watched.)

      3. The quality of animation

Ironically, they don’t have many differences other than the obvious such as the language and the setting.

How are they similar?

  1. Intended audience (pg-13 or more mature audiences)
  2. Atmosphere (Dark and mysterious, yet comical in some scenes)
  3. Two main characters
  4. Use of supernatural/spiritual beings
  5. Send you on an emotional roller coaster
  6. Both I would highly recommend

Please check them out they are amazing anime series. I love them so much. I hope this helps if you want to know the differences between a Japanese and Chinese anime. Please let me know if you guys want me to write something like this in the future.

Take care!

-Nya!! :3


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