Death Note Movie: Why did I watch this?

Hey, guys.

So as you all know, Netflix finally released the new movie for Death Note. It wasn’t really as bad as I thought it would be…but I still couldn’t watch the entire thing because it was cringe fest every second of the way. Why did I watch it? Well, it’s because I wanted to see how bad it was (since a lot of live action movies are horrible) and since Halloween is coming soon, I wanted to get into the Halloween Spirit. Starting with this movie, however, wasn’t the best idea.

One thing was the fact that Nat Wolff (don’t get me wrong I love his other works) was horrible in portraying the role of Light. In fact, instead of being the creepy, psychotic Light everyone loves, he was more of a comedian with how much he screamed like a girl. I tried really hard in thinking this movie was set in another universe..but even doing that didn’t get me to watch the entire thing. I basically only watched the first 30 minutes and then I skipped to the last 5-10 minutes of the movie. The only thing that they might’ve gotten right was the gory deaths the characters had to face…but that was pretty much it.

If you want to see Death Note as the master piece that it’s supposed to be, please watch the anime or read the manga. I really wouldn’t recommend anyone watching this.

I will give this movie two pairs of paws because they at least tried (even though they failed). Plus the voice actor of Ryuk wasn’t really that bad (in fact, I can say he seemed more like the highlight of the movie). 🐾🐾


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