Inspirational Music You Should Listen To

Music is the universal language to carry out a message or emotion for its listeners. Music helps us feel better whenever we’re feeling down or keeps us motivated when doing important tasks throughout the day. There are times where you need a pick-me-up so you turn on a playlist or Spotify and listen to certain tunes that will get you motivated.

I love music and certain songs have helped me get through tough situations (of every kind), get encouraged to keep moving on, and be the best person I can possibly be.

I hope that with this list, you can feel the same way.

Imperative by Andrew Tan and Bii

“For the sake of love, I pay in madness. For the sake of my dreams, I’ve gotten injured. For the sake of my beliefs, I’ve become stronger.”

If you ever feel like giving up, “Imperative” by Andrew Tan and Bii is right for you. Released in 2011, the message it gives is to never give up- regardless of how many times you fall and if the rest of the world is telling you to stop going for your dreams, work twice as hard to prove them wrong. Everything will pay off in the end.

Stars by Jason Zhang

“Sun never sets when enemies are powerful. The mind being attacked by demons. Truth and knowledge mastered for the ending.”

Theme songs are known to being very motivational- not only for the person that watches a certain series but also for life itself- and “Stars” by Jason Zhang is no different.

The theme song was released along with the drama “Fighter of the Destiny” in 2017. The message is more or less the same as the drama itself: you can change your own destiny regardless of how useless your attempts may seem.

I believe by Roger Yang

“I believe in freedom, I believe in hope. I believe that I can easily touch the sky.”

Other than the two songs listed above, this 2006 jam by Roger Yang will definitely have you believe in yourself in making your dreams come true.

The sky’s the limit. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want.

Karate by Babymetal

“Still more let’s fight on even if we get sad and are unable to get up”

If you’re more into Rock, this song is for you. Babymetal’s “Karate” was released in 2016 and its message is to never give up whatever happens. The music video also gives the message that the only one who can hold you back is yourself.

Tegami ~Haikei Juugo no Kimi e by Angela Aki

“Right now don’t give up, don’t cry. When you feel like you’ll disappear

Listen to your own voice and keep moving forward.”

This, in my opinion, is the most heartfelt song on the list. Released in 2009, this song is a letter written by the artist to her 15-year-old self.

It’s incredibly sweet in advising her younger self that everything happens for a reason, to not be so hard on herself, and to never give up even if it seems impossible.

Tomorrow Never Knows by Mr. Children

“It’s okay if you stick out a bit. Dream a dream.”

Released in 1997, it’s no wonder why this song was a hit –and is still loved by many–.

The moral of this song is to keep living on because tomorrow may be your last. The softness of the instruments playing in this track will find its way into your heart along with the lyrics.

Honorable Mentions

These next few on the list are kind of hard to choose, so I’ll write the names of the artists and one or two songs by each along with the reason why they’re on this list.

Hyuna-> Baby, Lip & Hip, & Roll Deep

“Maybe it’s the last time, I don’t want to hide anymore. The time is fast, they don’t wait for us.”

Both of these songs are criticism to the very industry she works for. Having to be a canvas for other people and being fed up with trying to keep up with that image, Hyuna wrote these two songs. It’s also no wonder how much she had to overcome with her old company -Cube- and why she was so happy to leave after everything that happened to her and E-Dawn after they made their relationship public.

As for Roll Deep, it’s inspirational because the song is about not caring about whatever other people say, just do you. They’re all just jealous anyway.

Gashina by Sunmi

“I’m gonna live like a flower, I’ll be myself. Can’t nobody stop me now.”

Released in 2017, this major hit is catchy and countless people made –and are still making– dance covers of this song. The message is how strong a woman can be after having their heart broken by a guy who, in the end, wasn’t worth their time in the first place.

Love yourself Series by BTS

“I’m the one I should love in this world shining, precious soul of mine, I finally realized so I love me, not so perfect but so beautiful, I’m the one I should love.”

From 2017- 2018, BTS has been releasing a series of albums called “Love Yourself”- three in total with four short films released by the four members in the vocal line.

The songs and albums tell a story.

First when you love someone, but you love them to the point where you forget about yourself.

The second, when your heart is broken and you’re stuck in a loop of being lost and wanting to be a certain image as a means of making yourself happy.

The third and final album is finally loving yourself as you are- without having to look for validation and love from someone else.

I hope you guys check out and enjoy these songs. I highly recommend these. I hope they will help you gain motivation and get inspired by them. Enjoy nya! Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone. Nya! 🐾

Afternote: I do not own any of the translations.


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