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Hey guys. Hope you all are doing well. I got nominated for an anime blog tag by Will Sirius. Please check them out, they just got nominated for the Real Neat Award. They have amazing content. With that being said, they asked a set of 7 questions (good ones I may add). Again, please check them out. They have good content and I hope you all enjoy this.

thubms up

01. Would you continue to watch anime even when you’re old?

Yes. Anime has and always will be a major part of my life. Other than literature, anime has always been my way to escape reality and also a form of learning for reality since there are many life lessons you can learn from good anime. Hopefully, when I’m 40 or 60 years old, I’ll still look young like Satoru Takishima from Special A.

02. If you have a chance to live in an anime world, what world would that be?

-Probably Ghost Hunt. I’ve always had a fascination with supernatural phenomenon to the point where I actually use some of my free time doing research on it. In that world specifically, there are so many different kinds of active spirits that would make life a roller coaster ride.

03. I follow a lot of anitubers on youtube. From anime reviews to satire analysis, I enjoy watching them. How about you? Who are you subscribed to?

-I’m subscribed to maybe five or six anitubers, the ones I watch the most are TheAnimeMan and Akidearest.

Art by: Kikiinyan

04. Are there any comics/movies/tv series/manga/light novels/visual novels/games that you want to see be adapted into an anime? If so, how many episodes? Seasons?

-I’m a major Doctor Who and Harry Potter fan. It would be interesting to see how both worlds would look in anime form. I would probably give it about a season of 5 to 10 episodes- depending on if the execution is, whether or not, good or even better than the show/movie.

Art from: Amino

05. Do you consider Avatar – The Last Airbender, Avatar – The Legend of Korra, RWBY, and even, Castlevania as animes?

-I can see why some people don’t consider them animes since they’re not created in Japan, but in my opinion, they are- especially when I used to (and still) believed that shows like Totally Spies and Code Lyoko are anime.

06. For you, who is the BEST supporting character in an anime?

-Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa.

I loved how supportive she was within the anime and the game. I was really sad when they (spoiler alert) killed her at the end of The Despair Ark and in the game itself. She wanted her friends to not give up on hope, to the point that she would even sacrifice herself and, literally, trudge forward despite getting hurt. I cried when she made an appearance at the end of The Hope Ark. I truly shipped her and Hajime, but sadly it sunk.

07. If you have been given a chance to change the ending of an anime, what anime would that be? Why did you choose it? How will you change it?

-This kind of seems redundant since they’re already doing a re-make of it, but I would choose Fruits Basket, but I wouldn’t change just the ending of it, I would like for more of the characters from the manga to appear as well as the many plot twists it has. I would also like for them to include who Tohru ends up with (which, of course, if you have read the manga, you would know who it is).

Anyway, I’d like to thank you guys for reading and enjoying my content. It really means a lot to me knowing that there are people who like what I do, and I enjoy doing this. Thanks again to Will Sirius for nominating me for this tag. Once again guys, please go and check them out. I’m currently working on the inspirational anime, games, dreams series, along with more reviews so please look forward to that. Until then, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! 🐾


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