Why blog of all things?

Hey guys.

To start off, this is going to be more or less like a follow-up to a previous blog post I made about a year ago called “Why Did I Start This Blog?” (it might not look that way on WordPress, but I posted that article a year ago on Blogger). In any case, this technically is a prequel to that post, but I digress.

The readers who know me in real life, know that I’m a college student who double majors in English Literature and Foreign Languages. My dream was to travel the world (Asia especially) and become an author- or at least an editor.

From middle school to high school, I would be writing day in and out from poems to songs to short stories. But, I didn’t know back then, that I could actually study something such as Literature and follow my passions. Most people in my family studied psychology, biology, economics- so I thought I had to go that route as well and forget about writing. Then one day, being the fujoshi that I am, I started to read “Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi”. That one manga showed me that studying to become an author is possible. So, I worked hard to get into college to study either Journalism or English Literature. Before going to college, however, there was one thing that caught my eye.

I’m one of those people who’s on FaceBook basically 24 hours a day- and one day I was online and I saw that there was this blog page that wrote many interesting articles. The page was: Her Campus. Reading many of their articles and posts on social media inspired me to want to start doing that as well. That and the fact that I was trying to find job experience in order to work in a publishing agency (however, that is not the reason why I continue to blog).

After about a year working for Her Campus, I decided to leave and focus more on studying. However, focusing too much on studying really takes a toll on a person- so it lead to me getting depressed for not writing. There are times that I forget why I’m studying what I study and why I even try doing what I do now, but writing always makes me feel better, whether it be in my diary as me- or blogging as The Kitten Who Eats Ramen.

I know this isn’t like the normal reviews or whatnot, but if you’re still reading this, thank you. Thank you all for reading my content. It really means a lot.

I’ll just end this like I normally do. Until then, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone. Nya! 🐾


4 thoughts on “Why blog of all things?

  1. Hey, we have similar reasons for starting a blog! I’m also an English Major student and I also plan to eventually work in a field that has something to do with writing… Well that’s pretty vague but it’s my general direction for now. I know I’m not that good of a writer so my blog should serve the purpose of improving my writing but for the past several years, I’ve been neglecting it. Which is why I think I should make some commitment to it from now on.

    In any case, all the best on pursuing your writing dream, and I really hope you can continue blogging for a long time! Oh one question, Her Campus is an online magazine targeted towards female college students right?

    P.S. I really like how you end your every post. It’s cute haha XD

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    1. Thank you!! I hope you’re able to meet all of your goals and dreams while also continuing to blog for the long run.
      Yes, Her Campus is an online magazine and although it may seem like its targeted for females, it’s actually for college students in general. One of the main reasons I left though was because they (the chapter I was in) would sometimes be too political and only accepted views that were identical to theirs. I don’t regret working there though, because it helped me gained knowledge and experience in writing and blogging.

      And thanks XD

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      1. Ahh… The reason I asked was because when you said Her Campus, I immediately thought it was related to anime. But then I searched for it and found it… It wasn’t what I expected. I thought, am I really looking at the right thing here?? My world revolves around anime, I should look at other things for a change…

        Yea, ‘censorship’ can be a problem for writers especially journalists. It’s something that I don’t know how to handle if I dive into that field but I guess I will know in the future haha.

        It’s already really cool for you to have experience. It’ll be very useful too.

        All the best again! See you in your next post. Or mine I guess 😅

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