Pride Month: My Roommate is a Fairy Fox (Review)

My Roommate is a Fairy Fox is a Chinese fantasy BL drama released in 2017. It takes place in modern-day China where a college student (Xiao Jing Chen) had a past life as a great general who sacrificed his life for a fairy fox named Lu Bai—and now has to protect him from the evil Wolf Clan.

I had really high hopes for this drama since it seemed like it had promise, but —unfortunately— I was mistaken. The drama seemed like it was all over the place to the point where it felt like it was forcing itself to have a story and chemistry between the characters. It was cringey and the ending was an even bigger let-down. Also, despite how close both characters were, there wasn’t any notion of their relationship getting any farther and there was no real intimacy between them.

Waiting for the kiss that never happens in the drama

Despite there being a lot of things that went wrong with this drama, there are a few good traits that it has. For one, the humor is actually good and you relate a lot to certain characters such as Jing Chen’s sister. I also watched this about a year ago and I remember how much I actually liked it, but when I re-watched it recently, I noticed how it fell short on too many aspects—especially story-wise. It felt like the writers had one idea at the beginning and then tried to add on as the story progressed but it didn’t end up well.

That being said, I give My Roommate is a Fairy Fox 1.5 paws out of 5 (which rounds up to a good 2 paws) because of how much it lacked on so many aspects—what saved it from being a solid 1 was the humor it had 🐾🐾. That’s it for today. Thank you for reading. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up! Nya! 🐾


4 thoughts on “Pride Month: My Roommate is a Fairy Fox (Review)

    1. Yeah. If I were to have done a review on it the first time I saw it, I’d probably give it a 3, but after the second time I saw it, I felt like there was just too much the drama lacked for it to even have a 3.

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