Pride Month: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Japanese MVs/Songs

As I have mentioned at the beginning of the month, queer representation has evolved throughout the years. It has become more acknowledged and accepted with every passing year. There are many queer representations in asian media—especially Japan—in all aspects— including music. Here are my top 5 LGBTQ+ Jpop Mv’s/ Songs. Trigger Warning: Some of the music videos have suicide, violence, and bullying.

1- Shadow Kiss by:MeseMoa

“The outcome of this kiss is hiding in the shadow in a place where no one can disturb us.”

I remember how people were flipping tables because of this video—especially since the members kissed each other more than 30 times. The song uses phrases to show how “forbidden” yet “addicting” their love for eachother is.

  2- How Beautiful You Are by:Ayumi Hamasaki

“Thank you again for today. Your smile saved me. Thank you again for today. Just stay as you are.”

The song and MV are stunning. The message in both is how no matter what others say, no matter how you vision yourself, you are beautiful. There is someone—there are people out there who see your beauty and your worth.

3- Lonely Hearts by:Miliyah

“It’s because you were there that I went on living. Wanting to be loved, I cried.”

The MV starts with two high school students who are in a relationship, but when someone spread a picture of them kissing, everyone made fun of them for it. This ended up with them making the decision in overdosing together. Not only that, but this also shows the story of two other girls, one who was beaten to death by a man and the other who drank poison. In the end, all of the girls are in a room where they’re being consoled and all of them—including the singer looks straight into the camera. It makes you aware of how society was back then—which is sad and terrifying. The song itself is heartbreakingly beautiful. I was trying so hard not to break down while watching this.

4- Magnet by:Luka Megurine and Hatsune Miku

“I want to embrace you. I want you to tell me that you don’t think this is a mistake.”

This one is a classic so I had to include it into the list. This was a major hit when it came out—so much so that countless fan art inspired by it was everywhere (for example Yuki and Kaname from Vampire Knight). There is an animation where Miku gets hit by her father and kicked out of her house, leaving her with the option to live with Luka. I heard this song when I was still in the closet and terrified of anyone finding out the truth about me. For years, I would listen to this song and even imagined it being me and my girlfriend at the time, but what made the relationship shaky was the fact that neither of us could tell any of our family members because of how religious they are.

5- Sweet Memory by:MACO

“I’d rather be with you even if it’s hard and painful”

This one made me cry the most when I first saw it. The song is absolutely beautiful and is about how that one person, no matter how much you love them, is the one that seems so far away. The music video itself tells the story of two best friends, one lesbian and one straight. The end is absolutely heartbreaking because the straight girl’s boyfriend steals a kiss from the main character in the story, thus making them end their friendship. The final scene shows the main character finishing a painting of them together and saying her confession that will remain unheard by her now ex-friend.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


6 thoughts on “Pride Month: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Japanese MVs/Songs

  1. Interesting post! I never really looked up into actual Japanese music since I mostly hear their songs through the anime OP and ED. It got me curious more on Japan’s view about the subject even if there’s a trend of Yaoi and Yuri anime these days. Are the songs also available on Spotify too?

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    1. Most of them are. Sadly, shadow kiss byMeseMoa isn’t there. There is also an english cover of Magnet on Spotify by Lollia since I couldn’t find the original version, but the other songs are available.

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