Pride Month: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Korean MVs/Songs

As we have seen in  “Top 5 LGBTQ+ Japanese MVs and Songs,” queer representation has grown exponentially throughout the years. If you’re a part of the K-pop community, you’ll know that there are countless MVs and songs that have queer representation in them. Some are created by artists who are actually in the LGBTQ+ community themselves. Here are my top 5 LGBTQ+ Korean MVs and songs.

1- Please Don’t.. by K.Will

“Letting you go is not as easy as it sounds. I turn away, not being able to see you leave me.”

This one is really well-known due to it being in countless reaction videos because of the final scene. Throughout the music video, you see the story of a man who’s upset about his friends getting married. You think that he’s in love with the woman until you see the ending scene of the music video. He tears apart a wedding picture and puts together the torn pieces of him and the groom together instead of him and the bride. It’s shocking because you don’t expect it in the slightest. The song itself doesn’t have any indication of it being a LGBTQ+ song since it’s to be used for any kind of one-sided love.

2-  Don’t Look At Me Like That by Song Jieun

“Don’t look at me like that. All we did was love each other. Don’t hate on us, however, you view us. We’re just a little different. Just leave us alone.”

The lyrics in this song are rather powerful in every sense of the word. The song itself is about how people judge you for who you love (whether it be interracial or homosexual.) This song really hit hard for me since it asks the same questions I would ask repeatedly whenever I hear someone say that “homosexuality is wrong” and it explains that it’s not our fault for having feelings for someone who happened to be another race or the same sex as we are. The video is also beautifully powerful as it shows how people use her as entertainment because she’s different.

3- Touch by ANDA

“Even if my heart is suffocating, tonight I’ll forget it”

This song is incredibly popular even years after it was released. The song itself is catchy and is perfect to dance to. The video also features girl on girl action which is another reason this song has still managed to be a popular one for the past years. While also showing such actions, the color blue is very present throughout the entire video. I went to look up the meaning and the color blue means sensitivity, but I also found that in Russia, light blue means to be homosexual.

4- Neverland by Holland

“Would you take my hand out of the window? Look for a rainbow to fly. I could be alone, but never mind. I’m in Neverland.”

Of course, I had to include this gem—especially since the singer himself is part of the LGBTQ+ community. The song is really chill to hear. The video itself is beautiful—especially since the couple is adorable in the MV.

5- Rainbow by Planet Shiver

“Different thoughts. You do not have to mix them.”

This song isn’t particularly LGBTQ+ since it sends the message that we’re all perfectly imperfect—that it’s okay to be different and have different opinions. Basically, both the song and the music video touches on the topic of equality. I include this into the list since I think it’s important to remember that we’re all different, and that’s okay. That’s what makes all of us beautiful.

That’s all for today, everyone. Thank you for reading! Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen, up everyone! Nya! 🐾


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