When Is It Too Late To Watch A Series?

Literature (whether it be manga/novels/other books) are seemingly timeless. When it comes to certain series (whether it be anime, an Asian drama or any other type of series), people appear to be more judgemental if you haven’t seen it yet. Why is that? 

Whether it’s a certain show that’s still ongoing or one that has been completed for the past few years if you haven’t seen it and say that to someone (most likely a huge fan of it), you’ll most likely hear something among the lines of “You seriously haven’t watched that yet?!” or “Wow, you’re really behind”. I’m not going to say that I haven’t said something of the sort in the past since I would be lying. But when I do say this or when someone says it to me, I notice there is a slight discomfort and people (myself included) tend to get a bit defensive when hearing these phrases.


I tend to hear these phrases a lot—especially by certain people—after creating my blog (which I don’t really understand why—probably because they expect me to have seen absolutely everything or be up-to-date with everything which is nearly impossible), and to be honest, it gets really annoying especially if it’s said with a certain tone. I’m not talking about the initial shock that genuinely comes upon hearing that you haven’t seen a certain series, but when someone says “you’re really behind,” to me that has a bit of a chastising undertone/meaning.  

Them on the inside

So when is it too late to watch a series? In my opinion, it’s never too late—whether it’s still a hot topic or not, you should enjoy a series regardless of when you watch it. There are still anime, dramas, etc. that were released/completed over a decade ago and I have not watched it. Same goes for games. If you haven’t played a certain game during the first month or two that it was released, people will start to give you the stink eye or at least a very judgemental one because you’re “behind” on it—which in my opinion, is stupid. You should be able to enjoy whatever you want when you want. Also, not everyone is going to be able to be up-to-date. Everyone has a different circumstance in life—whether it be work, family, etc. If the person wants to recommend a certain series or game, I think they should just say “I definitely recommend it” not “you’re really behind” because then that will just take the fun out of doing so and it also makes you look like a total (trying not to curse but fails) ass. Believe me, the power of language and tones are incredibly powerful. 

That came out more like a rant, but I hope you enjoyed reading this nonetheless. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾

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5 thoughts on “When Is It Too Late To Watch A Series?

  1. I don’t think it is ever too late to watch a series as I regularly only gain access to older shows well after they aired. It has only been the last few years I’ve had reliable streaming access to legal anime that is up to date. And sure there’s plenty of shows I haven’t watched and probably won’t watch that people will raise an eyebrow at me for given I’m writing an anime blog, but at the end of the day you can’t watch and read everything. Besides, if everyone talking about anime had watched the exact same pool of anime, the conversations would be a lot less interesting.

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  2. People probably look at me funny when I say I haven’t seen FMA/FMA:B or Attack on Titan, plus I’ve only watched 1 episode of Steins;Gate, couldn’t read more than 1 chapter of the Naruto manga and so on, so forth. (All these stats are true as of this comment.)

    Due to the licensing scenario where I am (which only gets worse as licensors start to have exclusive series behind paywalls, which I don’t like having to deal with), the fact I like to watch the first episode as a “taste test” then finish off the series later + the extremely slow and erratic speed at which I watch (although I’m working on it), there’s no way I’ll finish everything…so the answer to the question “when is it too late to watch a series?” would be “when you have to resort to the ‘high seas’ to watch a series that was previously legally available to you (all of the discs have long sold out and/or it’s not available behind a paywall now, either)”.

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  3. I agree 100%. It’s never too late to watch an anime. And the anime community is so big now, you can pretty much always find people online still discussing shows from quite a while ago.

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  4. I loved reading this so much. I used to struggle with this when I first began chatting about anime. I felt that I needed to stay on top of simulcasts and things like that to stay relevant. But then I slowly realised if I’m not having fun and only feeling pressure then I’ll lost my passion for anime entirely. The summer simulcast season is my first one after a *long* time where I’m not following any simulcasts. I’m just going to watch completed stuff, and stuff that I’ll randomly pull out of my Death Star mug (my version of a watchlist, lol). I’ve gotten more secure and comfortable about what I watch since I watch it for me before anyone else, and it’s made anime even more fun for me!

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