Pride Month: Favorite LGBTQ+ Ship (Fangirl Ramble): Michaela and Clarith

The Evillious Chronicles by Akuno-P/MOTHY have been around since 2008—the first ever song within the series being Daughter Of Evil (sung by Kagamine Rin). The series consists of over 50–70 songs and more than 40–50 books (including fan books). It centers on the 7 deadly sins and the journey of an immortal magician who is sent to collect and purify the vessels of sin. Within the series for the sin of vanity (Daughter of Evil), there is a particular couple that has gotten the attention of many people. The names of these two characters are Micheala and Clarith.

Micheala and Clarith are the only canon LGBTQ+ couple within the entire world of the Evillious Chronicles (to my knowledge). If you only experience this series with the songs, you see how they meet with Daughter of White and Thousand Year Wiegenlied. Micheala was a spirit who used to accompany Elluka Clockworker in the Tree of Eld until she saw Clarith crying and apologizing for being alive. Micheala, upon seeing this, asked Elluka to turn her human so she could be friends with Clarith.

After that, she and Clarith started to work together as servants for the Evil queen herself, Riliane Lucifen d’Autriche. They become really close and, without them wanting to, fall for each other. Of course…something bad has to go down.

Now, I love this couple so much. In fact, I remember listening to Thousand Year Wiegenlied when I was still dating someone, and I remember being so in love with the promise that the two of them shared as Micheala was hiding in the woods when the evil queen personally ordered a massacre onto Micheala’s town with the order that any girl with green hair must be killed. The promise between the two happens in Thousand Year Wiegenlied as Clarith is reciting her thoughts that can be seen in Daughter of White.

“Even if everybody laughs at you I will protect you. So please keep smiling” –Micheala

“Even if everybody laughs at me, as long as there was one person who needed me, that’s all I needed to be happy” – Clarith

“If you live safely through this and we can meet again, let’s live together in the forest. I’ll be waiting here for you forever” –Clarith and Micheala

I absolutely love this part in Thousand Year Wiegenlied because you can actually see and hear the emotion within both voices and how much they love each other. That’s before Micheala dies after getting stabbed in the heart. Clarith, now alone, mourns the loss of her loved one. Later on, her and Riliane (now a nun) plant a seed into the ground—a seed that contains the spirit of Michaela (which you see happen in Blink). If I’m not mistaken, in the books, Micheala appears in spirit form before being put in the seed and tells Clarith that she loves her (I cried for hours after that, okay? Where is the box of tissues when you need it??).

Now, me being the emotional person I am, I cried when Micheala died because I wanted her and Clarith to have a happy ending. MOTHY, you couldn’t let us have this one adorable couple, could you? Anyway, this is one of my strongest canon ships up to date. I have a headcanon where after the world resets within the Evillious Chronicles (after Master of the Heavenly Yard), Clarith and Micheala were reunited and reborn as lovers and are happy with the lives they are living.

This is more of a fangirl ramble. This couple is one of my favorites of all time—especially in a series that uses vocaloid characters. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


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