Pride month: First Impressions: Synergia

Please note, I am basing this off of the first 45 minutes that I played the game. If I am able to complete the game, I will surely write a full review for this.

Synergia is a Cyberpunk LGBTQ+ visual novel created by Radi Art. It was released on July 27, 2020.

Synopsis: “Cila, a veteran cop with a sour outlook and anger issues expects nothing more from life besides the smell of ozone, blinding neon lights and the ever-present manhole steam. At least, until a shady friend replaces her broken-down housedroid as a favor. Advanced, more efficient and remarkably perceptive, unit M.A.R.A. begins to penetrate Cila’s toughened exterior and possibly even heal her new owner’s old wounds – if Cila can decipher the recurring nightmare the process brings. Soon Cila and Mara forge a unique – if sometimes uneasy – bond. Unbeknownst to Cila, just as her life begins to find its new normal, the technological giant Velta Labs gets wind of Mara’s existence and takes a mysterious interest in the android. A war unlike any before it is brewing on the horizon, its players are silently being selected and one android’s fate may spell the difference between peace, war, the blossoming of a new religion, or a technological singularity beyond comprehension.” (From: Steam)

The first thing I definitely noticed was the art. I immediately fell in love with it. I was absolutely captivated by how beautiful the art-style was and the overall design of the characters. I actually stared at some of the art for maybe more than 5–10 minutes on end.

After you finish a particular section of the visual novel, you are greeted with a quote. Each one is fairly interesting and it helps you think of how certain things will turn out. I think I was able to read around 3–5 quotes within the 45 minutes that I played.

Next is the menu screen when you’re going to save. It looks so good. I love how the artist made sure that it still has that CyberPunk theme while you’re simultaneously able to see the art of the scene you’re currently on. It’s a really nice touch.

Now, story-wise overall, in the first 45 minutes of the game you pretty much have a good grasp on what’s going on in terms of your character being someone who is still mourning about something, which is gravely affecting your work life. Your job as a cop is to detain any cyborgs that seem to be malfunctioning or are even from the black market. Your character is also someone who has pent-up sexual tension, but is trying to live day by day— especially with your paycheck getting reduced every time you make a mistake. You also get a new (semi) bionic servant after your old one gets their memory erased—rendering them useless to you.

Overall, I am excited to see what this game has in store. I absolutely love the aesthetics the game has and the potential that I am seeing within the first 45 minutes. If I were to give it an initial rating, it would probably be a good 4 out of 5 paws 🐾🐾🐾🐾. I’m not giving it the full 5 because—again— this is an initial rating. I don’t want to set the bar too high to then (maybe) drop it significantly. If I am able to finish the game by the end of the month, then be prepared for a full game review. That’s it for today. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


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