Million Yen Women (Review)

Million Yen Women is a Japanese Series on Netflix released in 2017. All of the episodes were released on the same day (August 15). It’s about an unpopular artist by the name of Shin Michima who lives with 5 women who give him a million yen as rent. There are certain rules in the household such as no questions, no going to the rooms, and they must eat together at the table. However, the mystery isn’t in the background stories of the females, but who was the person who invited the 5 females to the author’s home. As the story progresses, many events occur that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Honestly, I didn’t like the series at first since the first episode wasn’t really interesting until the very end of it when the author admits that the reason why he doesn’t kill anyone in his novels is because his own father is on death row. After three or four episodes in, I finally realized I was hooked into the series. Although it was only 12 episodes long, each one reels you in further and further into the plot. One thing I didn’t like was the over dramatization in the rival author’s side and how childish some of the characters seemed along the way. Another thing is the fact that you kinda get lost in a few parts because so much stuff is happening all at once; however, the ending was satisfying enough since the series was more in a realistic aspect and not a fictional/ fantasy one.

I give this series 3 pairs of paws because of the complicated storyline and mysterious/ suspenseful atmosphere along with the realistic plot that it has. 🐾🐾🐾 I still felt like it was a bit bland in a few occasions, but I think this series is good to watch.



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