Chinese Hatsune Miku?

Hey guys!

So recently I found on YouTube called “花花世界“ (Flower World) by 洛天依 (Luo Tian Yi). Now, the video is cute and all, but I couldn’t help see the similarities she has with Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. She’s a synthesized voice like Miku (of course, she’s a Vocaloid as well so it’s a given) and the way she’s drawn (other than the hair) is strikingly similar to Miku.

Vocaloid has been around for 10 years now and there’s no questioning how popular it has become throughout the years. For many people, it’s their main way of listening to Japanese music. However, I’ve recently come across a video by a Hatsune Miku lookalike by the name of Luo Tian Yi. Now, Luo Tian Yi is also a Vocaloid, but she’s Chinese. She’s also the main Chinese Vocaloid so that might be the reason she and Hatsune Miku look alike. I’ve heard many of her songs such as “Story in the Wind”, “ 花花世界”, and “Alley”.

Personally, I am actually happy that they have Chinese Vocaloid because it makes the Vocaloid fan-community bigger and you have more variety of languages while listening to them. I hope you guys check her songs out because they are really good and catchy, as well as interesting (of course all Vocaloid songs are).


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