Aotu World (Season 1 Review)

The first season of Aotu World (凹凸世界) was released in late June of 2016 and ended in late January of 2017. It takes place in a world where one person per planet is enlisted in a game. The top ten will be able to advance into the next phase of the game itself whereas the other 90 contenders are condemned into being a part of the game for the rest of eternity. The main character is called Gold (or Jin)- an energetic young boy who wants to know the whereabouts of his older sister. Alongside him throughout this first season is his friend, Purple (or rather “Purple Head” as he is called- if translated directly from Chinese) who doesn’t have enough confidence in himself to advance in the game. Both try their hardest to try to get to the top no matter what.

From episode 13

My first impression of the anime was the animation style. It’s always fascinating to me whenever a creator decides to go with the 3D animation approach instead of the 2D one. I also thought that it was really adorable due to the characters reactions, and the setting is stunning, in my opinion. The episodes also grow a bit in length. The first few episodes were about 9 minutes and the last ones were about over 12- 20 minutes each (not counting the extra content in the final episode).

Art from: Re11 (Remi)

A few of my complaints are the fact that they tend to change the perspective a lot within the anime. I don’t mind a good POV change every here and there, but there are times where it seems a bit too much and you sometimes don’t understand what’s going on within the anime. Another one is the fact that they sometimes show a character in the beginning of the anime and you don’t see them until the middle or the end of it itself- at least with this first season. Plus, the punchlines in a few of the scenes are incredibly predictable.

I really wanted to wait until I gave a full review of this anime after watching both seasons, but it’s really hard to find the second season. So I’ll give the first season a good three pairs of paws out of five. 🐾🐾🐾 I highly recommend you guys to check this out. The plot is interesting overall,and the plot twist, in the end, makes it all worth to watch.

I’ll see you guys in the next one.

Until then, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


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