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Adaptations of Asian Series

I love it when there is more than one adaptation to a certain story or series. Reason being because you can see the creativity and magic the director and writer do in order to make the story their own while also tying in the essence of the original. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

Let’s see…what should I watch next?…oh! This seems interesting.

You mostly see the flops of adaptations when they’re live action versions of an anime or of an animated show in general- two great examples of this being The Last Airbender and Death Note. However, over the years many series from Asia (specifically Japan and Korea) have been getting adaptations in the U.S. Sometimes, they can be good and give the original story justice while also bringing a bit of flare- an example of this being Silent Library which was based off of one of the segments from the popular Japanese variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende.

Can we pretend these never happened?…No?…..Dang it.

I let Masked Singer pass since they gave credits to the original show in one way or another, but there’s one thing that I’m absolutely frightened about and that is the fact that The CW is going to release an American version of Strong Girl Bong Soon. Now, Strong Girl Bong Soon is very popular within the K-Drama community- so much so that you literally see it everywhere on social media about every week or so. The reason why I’m frightened about it is because I feel that it’s going to take away the essence that the original has and change it completely like they did with Death Note. I don’t want to judge it right off the bat because there is the chance that it will actually be good and do the original some justice, however due to many failed attempts in doing adaptations of certain series, I don’t really have any high hopes for it- and not many people within the K-Drama community do as well. I think it might be interesting for those who haven’t seen the drama itself, but for those of us who have…it will most likely be a cringe fest for all of us.

Strong Girl Do Bong Soon

Anyways, this became more of a rant than anything else- which I apologize about. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it nonetheless. Until the next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


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