One-Sided Crush (Manhua Review)

“One- Sided Crush”, a shounen-ai manhua, was released in 2018. It’s about a rather shy and clumsy man named Qi An who lives a double life as both a worker in a company and a popular singer at a bar in hopes to pay for his father’s medical expenses. His life changes when an old college friend of his becomes his boss. However, his boss- You Du- wants nothing to do with him at all because Qi An disappeared right after he promised You Du to never leave his side.

Qi An

This completed manhua has eye-pleasing art and a nice plot line with a few hilarious moments to go along with it. It was one of those manhuas where I couldn’t stop fangirling for a good two hours because of how cute the characters’ reactions were as the plot progresses. One thing I liked about this specific manhua is the perfect balance of backstory and present plotline, since, sometimes, certain series or manga would write too little or too much backstory, thus making you somewhat confused due to there being so many questions and not enough answers when it finally finishes.

You Du

There are certain things that I have complaints on, one of them being the characters having stagnant character development- specifically Qi An. I would’ve liked if he had gained a bit more confidence near the end of the manhua. He does stand up for those he cares about, but he doesn’t quite do the same for himself- especially since from the very beginning of the manhua, everyone in his workplace bullies him, which is rather immature for their age. The only reason why they started to treat him better (at least from what we can infer) is because You Du made their relationship public. Also, we never found out who was the snitch who told the reporters about You Du and Qi An’s relationship. We can only guess it was a certain character due to something that happened right before reporters popped out of nowhere, but it was actually never confirmed/ said.

Qi An as Allen

Overall, I give “One-Sided Crush” 3 pairs of paws out of five.🐾🐾🐾 It was a good read, though it’s still unfortunate that it missed the mark a bit. I recommend you guys read it nonetheless if you enjoy reading shounen-ai. I hope you all enjoyed this review. Until the next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾

Finally…time to sleep

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