Inspiration but lack of confidence

While I was playing one of the many otome games that I downloaded/bought, I had a splash of inspiration for a story. It happens from time to time, but when it does, I always want to write the best story that I can possibly write. However, when that also happens, I stop myself. Why? I always feel like what I write isn’t good enough, so what would be the point of even trying?  I know, pessimistic thinking won’t get me anywhere; however, lately I’ve been trying to fight against that thought since I know it’s only holding me back- despite it being a rather common thought that many artists (of every kind) have.

Research time! Let’s see………

It’s rather annoying when this happens. I finally have the time and energy to write, but I stop myself due to lack of confidence- so, I would normally end up writing in my diary, complaining about not getting to write a story because no one would want to read any story that I would write. I also tend to feel a bit jealous of my friends since they’re able to write chapters upon chapters of content, whereas I would be even lucky if I’m able to write just one page. Of course, I know I have the ability to write stories since, whenever I do write, my friends would tell me they enjoy them whenever I do. Most of the stories are only ideas. I have a notebook filled with ideas…but only 5% of them are actually made into a story. I have a daily goal to write at least 100-200 words for a story…but I rarely meet up with that goal itself. This is why one of my personal resolutions is to do just that- write at least 100-200 words per day and then gradually add another 50-100 words.

Why is this so hard?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one going through this. To anyone reading this; if you’re in a major slump in your life and have no idea how to get out of it, please know that you can do it. You just have to take the first step. Even if it does seem small at first, know that it makes a huge difference in the long run. That’s all I have to say on the matter. Thank you for reading this. Until the next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone. Nya! 🐾

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