Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts (Manga Review)

Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts is a romantic comedy manga released in 2018 and is still ongoing to this day. “Salphie is the 99th female human sacrifice destined to be eaten by the King of the Beast and Demons, but despite that, she is not in the least afraid since she has never had a family nor a home to lose, so she takes a positive attitude and no longer worries about being eaten” (summary from Manga Rock).

One noticeable aspect of the manga itself is how discriminatory they are with people of different species. The monsters in the story hate humans and describe them as lowly and disgusting creatures. When everyone heard that the King wishes Salphie to be the next queen, everyone went ballistic and began trying their hardest in keeping that from happening. One of them being Anubis: the king’s most trusted adviser. Throughout the manga, he’s made countless attempts in keeping Salphie from becoming queen- and even try to get rid of her altogether; however, he always ends up shooting himself in the foot and Salphie gets more people on her side than before. Another thing is the fact that the King himself is part human, so he has to keep his secret from his kingdom- only Salphie knows.

I’ve never heard of this manga until my boyfriend told me about it. I read it mostly because we have the same tastes in a lot of things, especially anime and manga. While reading the manga, I couldn’t help but think that it reminded me so much of Beauty and the Beast- only that it’s told in a different way. I think the characters and the relationship between Salphie and the King are adorable.  To be honest, I think the idea of someone getting sacrificed and then the creature or god they’re being sacrificed to, keeps them alive and ends up falling for them is a bit cliché; however, it is understandable and goes well with the plot.

With that being said, I give Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts a solid 4 paws out of five. 🐾🐾🐾🐾 I recommend you guys go read it because it is cute and it has a good balance of comedy and seriousness. It’s a good read for Valentine’s Day which is just around the corner. Thank you for reading! Until the next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


2 thoughts on “Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts (Manga Review)

  1. Even I had never heard about it, seems like I will be able to see some cute girls with the animal ear.
    Time to find it…


    1. They’re not human girls with animal ears…they’re actual monsters. The manga is still really cute and I highly recommend it if you love romantic comedy .

      Liked by 1 person

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