Songs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just a few days away, which means that chocolates, serenades and ice cream along with a giant bottle of wine are in order. This also means that love songs will be heard countless times despite how cheesy they are. Throughout the years, I’ve heard different love songs in different languages. If you want to give someone a love song without someone else knowing what the song is saying, these are the ones you should listen to.  (Please know that none of these translations are mine. Credits of the translations are on themselves.)

Love Letter- Gackt

“We can keep walking forever
Together, now and forever
This love I clutch close to my heart
Will never change, this one unique
I Love you”

Gackt’s “Love Letter” was released on Valentine’s Day of 2005. Starting off with a beautiful array of violins accompanied with the relaxing sound of a guitar, this song is definitely the one you should give to your fiancé(e) if you have one. It’s incredibly romantic and I remember how often I would listen to the song during high school in hopes that someday I would find someone who would make me feel a love that maybe anyone would feel when they play this song.

Your song- Luhan

“The world never stops changing.
The crowd never stops moving.
I only want that each and every sunset you’re next to me.

Your song by Luhan was released in September of 2015. This one is one of the cuter ones on our list- not only is the fact that the deer (Lu in Luhan means deer in Chinese) is using his voice in a soft and gentle manner, but this song is absolutely catchy as it is. The song is an adorable love song, but it’s also a promise that if one day they do break up, he’ll stay by her side no matter what.

I will be by your side- Miu ft. Bii

“I will be by your side, embracing your whole world.
Before the end of the world, I won’t let you fly alone.

I will be by your side by Miu featuring Bii was released in 2013. The harmony between Miu’s strong voice and Bii’s low yet soft voice makes you feel the lyrics in your heart- which is how music is supposed to make you feel in the end. The message is on the point of view of someone who’s in love with a certain person, but they can’t be with them due to certain reasons (it being either they were friendzoned or they had broken up on good terms). So it’s a promise that no matter what, they’ll be there for the person they love- even if there’s a possibility the other person won’t feel that way. The reason why I chose this song is because even if there isn’t any romantic feelings between friends, there is a certain degree of love which some people tend to forget in the long run.

I Love You- EXID

“Baby you’re dangerous, dangerous
When you look at me like that
I can’t hold it anymore

I love you by Exid was released in November of 2018. This is more of a club beat than anything due to how upbeat and catchy the tune is. The song is being so much in love with someone that it’s addicting. If you’re wanting to show the person you love, I suggest you only show them the lyrics video rather than the actual music video itself. The reason for this is because the music video is more like a girl being so much in love with the person that they’re all sick until in the end, they let go and become the strong women that they are.

Mama- J-Hope

“Hey mama
You can lean on me now, always beside me
Hey mama
You’ve always given to me selflessly, and became my shelter
Hey mama
Now you can rely on your son and just smile

Mama by J-hope was released in October 2016. The song is very upbeat and incredibly catchy (I’ve been listening to it for the first time after such a long time, and I can’t stop). Now, there are no romantic feelings whatsoever in the song, but it does have familial love- which counts since Valentine’s Day is the day of love, no matter what kind of love it is. This song also hits home for me because I do love my mom a lot and I wish I could physically tell her “thank you” for all that she has done and such, but sadly I can’t. But anyway, I do love that J-hope made this song for his mom to show her his love and appreciation for his her.

That’s it for today, everyone. Thank you so much for reading! Only 2 more days of Valentine’s week! Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


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