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Double Otome/Visual Novel Review: Building Up My Virgin Boy and Seduce Me: The Otome

For Valentine’s Day I’ve been playing otome and visual novels while also trying to read as many romance manga and watching as many romance anime and dramas as I possibly can. During this time, there are many good creations and I’ve seen many people put their talent into good use. Two good examples of this are Red Embrace and Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts (both of which I have done a review on). There are many creations that I have enjoyed for the past month or so- that being said, there are a few that just didn’t cut it for me.

Building Up My Virgin Boy

Building Up My Virgin Boy is an Otome game made by CGApps in 2017 where you suddenly decide to become a random college boy’s girlfriend despite only meeting him for a couple of minutes. If that’s not enough to be wary of how disappointing this game is, the mechanics of it aren’t the best either. You literally just have to try and fill up a meter by tapping on a couple of speech bubbles and, depending on how high his “feeling” meter is, you will be able to fill it up as quick as possible. There is also a button for having scenarios with Tsukasa (the college boy) of which, depending on what you choose, will help get his “feeling” meter up. The bad thing about the talking scenarios are the fact that they tend to be very repetitive so you get bored rather quickly. The game is also very glitchy. The only slightly satisfying aspect of this entire game are the endings. The most interesting (though rather creepy of course) one that I got was the Yandere Ending.

Screenshot from my phone

That being said, I give this game one paw out of five. 🐾I don’t recommend it if you want to have a good story out of this- only if you’re incredibly bored and want to keep on tapping the screen. I do think this would’ve been a bit better if they made an actual plot with this along with utilizing the answers as a means to get different results in the end. Just making different personalities for Tsukasa depending on what you choose doesn’t really seem like a well-planned idea on my part.

Seduce Me: The Otome

Seduce Me: The Otome is an otome/visual novel made by Seraphim Entertainment released in February 12, 2015. The story takes place where you’re a high school student and your grandfather recently passed away- giving his mansion to you, only to see a set of 5 incubuses in it the day that you move in.  While that seems very interesting (which it is. The plot is very interesting itself), there are more factors that ruin it rather than enhance it. While I don’t want to be really negative on the art style because it was 4 years ago so many people still drew like that (especially since I love Pacthesis and her artstyle reflected on the one that was in 2010-2014, if I’m not mistaken) , but it is a bit of an eye sore when you start playing it. The entire game is voice acted which makes the game play a bit more bearable; however, some of the actors for the characters are rather poor in quality (not because of their mike, but because of their own acting). I like the plot, but, if you choose to go after one of the incubuses, the last few choices in the end are the exact same thing, which sort of makes it seem rather lazy on their part. Though it is understandable because they wanted to use the succubus (yes, they also included a succubus) trying to seduce the incubuses , but I still think that they should’ve thought of more outcomes and scenarios for that plot to be more unique for each of the characters. I also saw that they created a sequel with the same characters- which I don’t really think is good because otome games should be stand-alone- and if the creators do decide to make a sequel, they should use different characters in the same world as the first one, in my opinion.

That being said, I give Seduce Me: The Otome 2 paws out of 5. 🐾🐾 The story and goal was rather interesting, but the execution itself was underwhelming. However, I am interested in playing more of Micheala Laws/ Seraphim Entertainment’s games since the idea was rather interesting and I don’t want to let just one game be the pilot of my opinion on their overall games.

I wanted to do a double review rather than a singular review because I felt like them by themselves wouldn’t be enough for just a stand-alone. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. I’ll be trying to post every day up until Valentine’s day since it is this week. Until the then, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


One thought on “Double Otome/Visual Novel Review: Building Up My Virgin Boy and Seduce Me: The Otome

  1. I’m not surprised by your vrigin bf review. It seems this studio’s games are all pretty much the same. I remember my quiet bf or something like that. The most interesting part was deciphering the horrible translation.
    I was curious about seduce me and I’m almost releived it’s lackluster. I have way too many vns to play

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