Meiji Tokyo Renka -Final Review-

Last month, I made a small review of Meiji Tokyo Renka when it was about 5-6 episodes in. It was more of an overview/ “first impressions” (if you want to call it that) since it was still ongoing when I wrote that. Now that it’s finally completed, I can give a full on review of… Continue reading Meiji Tokyo Renka -Final Review-


K-Pop Work Out Challenge- 1 Week Later

Last week, I decided to take the K-Pop Workout challenge with many changes to my own dietary habits.  I started out being 165 pounds. I checked the scale just now and I am 160.2 pounds! I’m really happy with the results. It wasn’t really easy-especially with the major changes in my dietary habits, but it… Continue reading K-Pop Work Out Challenge- 1 Week Later


Summer Nightmare (Visual Novel Review)

Summer Nightmare is a horror visual novel released in 2017. It takes place in a high school where countless students have been going missing- including the son of the principal. Your character is a male high school student who is actually being blamed for the disappearances and even murder- that is until you appear in… Continue reading Summer Nightmare (Visual Novel Review)


Experiment: K-Pop Workout Challenge

Over the past decade, the K-pop community has exploded especially due to certain groups such as Black Pink, Exo, BTS, etc. This has caused countless people to do certain beauty challenges such as the ten-step skin care and makeup challenge among other things. So today I’m going to change things up a bit with an… Continue reading Experiment: K-Pop Workout Challenge

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Drama/ Live Action Versions of Anime/ Manga

Everyone has seen maybe a handful of live action/drama versions of an anime or manga- usually it’s both though; sometimes the anime doesn’t get that much credit than the manga and drama or vice-versa. There are quite a few dramas/ live action versions of dramas and anime in korean, japanese and chinese. Some of them… Continue reading Drama/ Live Action Versions of Anime/ Manga