Pride Month: Cosplay Couple: Baozi and Hana

Image from: Youtube

Most of you within the cosplay community—or a fan of cosplay—might’ve seen/know about this couple. If you don’t they are Baozi and Hana. Baozi and Hana are a Chinese cosplay couple that met at a convention in Hangzhou/online (Hana saw Baozi in a convention, but was too shy to actually talk to Baozi. Then Hana posted a few cosplay pictures online of which Baozi commented on). They’ve been together for 8 years now (at the time that this is posted).

Image From: Amino

I’ve seen a few of their cosplays before, but back then, I wouldn’t really pay much attention to the person/people cosplaying. I would just think “ooh nice cosplay” and move on with my life. The one that made me want to know them a bit more was when they cosplayed as Jumin and Zen from Mystic Messenger after a friend of mine from college showed them to me and started to fangirl about them. I immediately followed their facebook page which led me to start watching a few of their videos on their youtube channel.

Image from: Amino

Like many couples, they do have their ups and downs, but I’m incredibly happy with how long they’ve been together despite living in a place where people are still slowly starting to become more openminded with same-sex couples. I also love how for Hana, he says “you’re annoying” to Baozi so frequently and with a smile. Their level of trust and love is absolutely adorable. I also love how beautiful both of them are in every single picture—and even when they’re without makeup. They also have their own makeup brand called: Hana/Flower Knows.

Image from: Facebook

That’s it for today. Pride Month is almost over! Woohoo! I’m sorry for missing a few days. I’ve been finishing Summer classes and I had to move out of the dorm yesterday since I won’t be taking anymore classes until August. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾

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