Final Day of Pride Month: Kitten’s Highlights

Today is the last day of Pride Month! Woohoo!!! Instead of doing a review or a list of my top/favorites, I decided to write 3 highlights of Pride Month. This is based on how eager I was to write a certain topic—not on how many views I got on it. I hope you all enjoy it! 

1- My First Yaoi (Ever)

I love writing about my firsts since it makes me remember how it was when I first encountered a certain thing whether it be a game, anime, manga, etc. My first ever yaoi is also in one of my favorites. I was fangirling to the max as I was writing that post. I’m happy that I got to share it with you guys. 

2- Androgynous Girls in Dramas 

This one was actually unplanned. I was initially going to write a Drama VS Anime article using Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club and Mizuki Ashiya from Hana Kimi; however, as I was starting to write it, more dramas with androgynous girls came into mind and I ended up writing the list without even noticing until I was done. I added in the dates, where they’re from in the end since I discarded the original plan for the post after writing the synopsis and why I thought they should be on the list. It was nice since I remembered certain dramas and I also ended up re-watching Hana Kimi on Youtube (yes, it’s on youtube), but that wasn’t before I checked KissAsian where I found out that they actually made a remake of it in 2011. I might watch it and make a comparison between both versions later on. 

3- My Coming Out Story 

This was the only post that I actually scheduled to be posted. I had set the intention of writing my coming out story as a means to reach out to those who are still in a place where they can’t be themselves openly with their family—or are unable to come out in general. This post wasn’t exactly easy for me to write since I ended up crying as I had to mentally relive the experience—so much so, that my editor had texted me asking if I was okay because it had the most grammatical errors that I had ever made for a single post. Regardless, I still wanted to share this. I want to thank those of you who wrote such lovely and amazing comments—they really did make my day. They actually made me cry—not out of pain or sadness like I felt as I was reliving everything, but because of how touched I felt upon reading every single one. I wasn’t able to respond to all of them because I didn’t know what to say, but just know that I thank you for the comments. 

That’s it for today. Thank you all for reading this along with all of the other posts that I wrote during this past month. I hope you enjoyed every single one. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾

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