Seduce Me The Otome 2: Demon Wars- Otome Review

Title: Seduce Me 2: The Demon War

Company: Micheala Laws

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

Release Date: May 20, 2016

Rating: PG-17

Characters (Routes):

James—The eldest. Was the next in line to be Demon King. Well mannered, sweet, elegant. Voiced by: Bradley Gareth.

Erik—Second brother. Flirtatious, honest, and charming. Voiced by: Christopher Escalante.

Sam—Third brother. Rebellious, curses a lot, major tsundere. Voiced by Alejandro Saab.

Matthew—Fourth brother. Optimistic, playful, adorable. Voiced by: Ethan Nakashima.

Damien—Youngest. Wants to be human. Really introverted, soft-spoken, cinnamon roll. Voiced by: Jonah Scott.

Diana—Succubus/leader of the Rebellion. Was the antagonist of the incubi routes in the first game. Strategic, caring, determined. Voiced by: Micheala Laws.

Synopsis: “Seduce Me 2: The Demon War is the sequel to the popular free-to-play otome game, Seduce Me The Otome. It follows the story of Mika Anderson as she is suddenly thrown into the Abyssal Plains right before she is about to be married to one of the five Incubi Brothers featured in the first game. What’s even worse is that she is thrown there in the middle of a Rebellion against the Evil Demon Lord and must not only assist Diana and the Rebel Leaders in the war, but must watch as the man she loves fights alongside them after he comes to rescue her” (from Fandom Wiki).

Saero is such an amazing character

I had written a short review of the first game about a year or two ago. I didn’t like it much—mostly because of the voice acting with certain female characters and the art. With this sequel, there has been a lot of improvement. The art certainly has improved from the first game. The voice acting quality has also gotten better. The stories for each character are also different. Now, you don’t have to basically go through the same thing—which is what happened in the first game. You also get a bit more backstory with each character since the game takes place in the Abyssal Plains (which is where the incubi and succubi are from). I cried like hell (no pun intended) on Sam’s route. The stories are well-written and you always want to know what happens next. In fact, I finished the entire game in about 2-3 days without stopping (R.I.P. my health). Well…that and I was also dying to hear the bloopers within each of the routes (I died with Damien’s bloopers).

I died with this image, okay?

That being said, you can also tell that the microphones used for each character are different based on the quality of each (some being of excellent quality…others…to be honest sounded like they recorded it with the microphone of their phone). I don’t want to be too harsh like I was in the first review (Micheala, if you’re reading this, I really do apologize for how harsh I was. You really did improve and your work was amazing. Please continue to create more), but there were instances where certain voice actors sounded like they were just starting off (which isn’t exactly bad—quite the opposite. I’m glad that Micheala used both experienced and starting off voice actors). The reason why I brought this up is, again, the semi-obvious quality of microphones and experience (those who are still starting off, please continue to do what you do. I’m definitely rooting for you and your growth).

Matthew in demon form

With that being said, I give Seduce Me 2: The Demon War, three paws out of five 🐾 🐾 🐾. The art and voice acting certainly have improved since the first game. The stories themselves are captivating to say the least. I also apologize for saying such a harsh comment about there being a sequel after playing the first game. This is certainly something worth checking out. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. I’ve changed up the format a bit so I hope you guys liked it. See you all next time. Until then, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾


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