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Double Otome/Visual Novel Review: Building Up My Virgin Boy and Seduce Me: The Otome

For Valentine’s Day I’ve been playing otome and visual novels while also trying to read as many romance manga and watching as many romance anime and dramas as I possibly can. During this time, there are many good creations and I’ve seen many people put their talent into good use. Two good examples of this are Red Embrace and Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts (both of which I have done a review on). There are many creations that I have enjoyed for the past month or so- that being said, there are a few that just didn’t cut it for me.


Bride of the Water God (Manhwa and Drama Comparison)

Bride of The Water God/ Bride Of Habaek has grown popular in the K-Drama community nowadays. Especially since it's still ongoing. However, there are many things that they have changed from the original manhwa of the same name. The writers changed it so much that the drama seems more like a side-story rather than a… Continue reading Bride of the Water God (Manhwa and Drama Comparison)