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My Thoughts/ Rant: The Ending of “Invitation of Mystic Messenger”

Invitation of the Mystic Messenger (written by Gi Man and illustrated by meriG) was first released in April 2020. It’s based on the popular Korean otome "Mystic Messenger." The main character is called Hana—an orphan who struggled to get by with work and had recently lost her home after getting evicted by the landlord. The… Continue reading My Thoughts/ Rant: The Ending of “Invitation of Mystic Messenger”


The Doctors Are Out- Webtoon Review

Title: The Doctors Are Out Author: Blau Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy, BL Rating: PG-13 Release Date: March 29, 2020 Status: Ongoing Synopsis: “The beloved Dr. Matias Guevara tends to his patients in his little neighborhood health clinic, unaware that Dr. Fernando Guevara opened his new veterinary clinic right next door! With their patients confused and… Continue reading The Doctors Are Out- Webtoon Review

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Pride Month: My Favorites (2020)

Original and unedited image by: Nikkal.Moon (edited with permission) This year has definitely been an eventful one so far. With everything that's going on, it’s kind of hard to even focus on yourself or basically anything that might take your mind off of the many events in the world. However, I was able to find… Continue reading Pride Month: My Favorites (2020)


One-Sided Crush (Manhua Review)

“One- Sided Love”, a shounen-ai manhua, was released in 2018. It’s about a rather shy and clumsy man named Qi An who lives a double life as both a worker in a company and a popular singer at a bar in hopes to pay for his father’s medical expenses. His life changes when an old college friend of his becomes his boss. However, his boss- You Du- wants nothing to do with him at all because Qi An disappeared right after he promised You Du to never leave his side.