Red Embrace (Game/Visual Novel Review)

Rex and MC

Red Embrace is an Argent Games BL visual novel that was released on February 15, 2018. The story takes place in modern day San Francisco, and starts off in a diner at nighttime. Your character (however you decide to name them unless you decide to keep the original name), works in the diner while they also work at home during the day as a: musician, artist, or writer (depending on what you choose). Everything seems all nice and dandy until the men you encounter (at least some of them) turn out to be vampires and you become a target due to the fact that you have knowledge of them.

Isaac and MC

Not only do the endings change depending on your choices, but your character’s personality does as well. If you choose gentle and charming choices, your character will be just that; choose blunt and aggressive choices, and your character will be that as well. There are 4 characters in the game: 2 humans and 2 vampires. Each character has two endings: good or bad. Depending on the character you aim for (Rex, Dominic, Isaac, and Luka) and your personality choices will you get the good endings. The bad endings for the humans, in my opinion, are incredibly satisfying (please know that you should be older than 18 to play this as this does go into detail and certain topics aren’t for young audiences).

Dominic and MC

The art-style is absolutely captivating and the story is rather interesting. My favorite character in the game is Isaac because…well…he’s my type (that’s basically just it xD). The story has a good build and you can even grow a bit on each of the characters- which is vital in a romance visual novel. I do think that they should’ve added a personality meter so you can keep track of which route you’re taking (aggressive or gentle)-especially if you’re aiming to get both endings for each of the characters. I had to try and keep track of which save file I was using for both routes. Argent Games are using personality meters for the sequel of the game called Red Embrace: Hollywood (which comes out later this year), but I still wished they would’ve done that with this game as well- would’ve been really handy.

Luka and MC

That being said, I give Red Embrace a solid 4 paws out of five. 🐾🐾🐾🐾 If you love BL and vampires, this game is just right for you. I think visual novels by Argent Games are captivating in every way, shape, and form. I really can’t wait for the release of Red Embrace: Hollywood, and, hopefully, I’ll save up to play the other games made by them on steam. Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾

All of them together ❤

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  1. This looks kind of interesting. I don’t go for many visual novel games but occasionally one will grab my attention. Reading this I think this could be kind of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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