Pride Month: 5 Companies/ Developers that create LGBTQ+ Games

With it being Pride Month, there are many things that you can play, read and watch that are LGBTQ+ friendly/based. Nowadays, many indie game companies are releasing more inclusive games—if not making it their own brand as a way to be more inclusive (both sexual orientation wise and racially wise). These amazing companies were able to show representation of the LGBTQ+ community in a rather welcoming and satisfying way. PLEASE NOTE: I have not played all of these games, however, I have played AT LEAST one or two of each of these companies. The games on this list are what I have found within each company. Each of the companies and games have links to them if you wish to check them out!

1- Lunaris Games

I found out about Lunaris Games because a friend of mine recommended me When The Night Comes when they found out that I love dating sim/romance visual novels. I even wrote a review for the old version (they’re going to release a newer version later this year with voice acting and new art) last year for Pride Month. They recently celebrated their third year anniversary and I am so happy with how big they grew overtime. I really can’t wait for them to release more games. What makes me even more happy is that in one of their games, there are asexual options and an asexual character (which I love because YAY ACE REPRESENTATION).

2- Nyx Hydra

I gotta thank my editor for having me find out about them. They recommended The Arcana to me years ago. Nix Hydra, another indie game company. They are female-founded. The games are so well-made and the stories always have you on your toes. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters. To be honest…I might’ve spent quite a bit trying to unlock certain scenes to get certain CG’s…don’t judge me (THAT MEANS YOU TOO, EDITOR!). I really recommend playing their games. They put a lot of effort and emotion into their games (not to say that the other companies don’t as well).

3- Argent Games

Argent Games is a two-person indie game company. They create quite a few LGBTQ+ games—most of them being MxM. They have really good art and the plot of each game is unique and so good. I have previously made reviews for Your Dry Delight and Red Embrace a while back. I loved them both. I have yet to finish Red Embrace: Hollywood and I recently just bought Chess of Blades. They recently announced that they are working on Red Embrace: Mezzanine. It’s currently in its beta phase. I really love their games and am excited to see what else they have in store.

4- Ertal Games

Ertal Games is a “one-person indie-developer who is fond of manga, anime, literature, and hot 2D boys” (description taken from their page). I had written a review on My Burning Heart for last year’s pride month—which set the bar rather high for them. I did play Blood and Lust before playing My Burning Heart, and despite finding it a bit short and it crashing after I got a bad ending, I actually loved the overall game. The art and the voice acting is absolutely topnotch. They are going to release a new game this summer, so I look forward to playing it as soon as I can.

5- Ebi-Hime

This one is just absolutely amazing. Ebi-hime describes themself as “a developer of varied visual novels, from fluffy romance stories to endless angst and suffering” (taken from their steam page). I have previously played The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns for Pride Month 2019. I remember going through so much emotion and being captivated by the art. I will most definitely play their other games. A lot of them are very well-made yuri visual novels. I really recommend playing their games. They have over $100 worth of games on Steam which is impressive.

That’s it for today. Thank you so much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this! Until next time, keep your paws and bowls up everyone! Nya! 🐾


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