Pride Month: Androgynous Girls in Dramas

There are countless stories where a boy or a girl has to hide their true gender in order to be able to keep or stay in a certain job or any other reason where their situation makes it vital for them to live like the other gender. Throughout the years, anime has quite a few of such series, but what about Asian dramas? Here are three dramas with androgynous girls.

Title: Hana Kimi

From: Japan

Year: 2007

Mizuki Ashiya goes to an all-boys school where her goal is to make amends with Izumi Sano and have him start his athletic career over with high-jumping. Hana Kimi, along with Hana Yori Dango, was one of my first Asian Dramas—so it holds a place rather dear to my heart. There are still times where I rewatch the entire thing from the start since it is a really interesting drama—where it has a good balance between drama, romance, and comedy (but mostly comedy).

Title: Coffee Prince

From: South Korea

Year: 2007

Choi Han-Gyul hires Go Eun-Chan as his “gay-lover” in order to stop his grandma from arranging blind dates for him. What he doesn’t know is that Eun-Chan is really a girl, but she constantly gets confused for a boy. Later on, she decides to get a job in his coffee-shop where he only hires “good-looking men,” doing so means she’s obligated to hide the fact she’s a girl which causes a bit of trouble since Han-Gyul starts to question his sexuality as he’s falling in love with her. This was one of the dramas that aired in national TV years ago where I currently live. I loved watching every second of it—even though it was with Spanish dubs and I would’ve preferred to have seen it with subs and in its original language.

Title: Bromance

From: Taiwan

Year: 2015

This is the most recent out of all of the others on the list. Pi Ya Nuo is forced to live as a boy after a fortune warns her family that she would live a life of misfortune if she were to live as a girl until her 26th birthday. On the year that she was going to turn 26, she meets Du Zi Feng and they make a blood-promise to be together like brothers. She finds herself falling in love with him, and he too, falls for her, but he doesn’t know Ya Nuo is a girl. I originally saw this drama as a means to get used to listening to Mandarin since I had recently started to study the language at the time. I also wrote a review on this drama about a year ago on the old blog and I moved it onto here. I highly recommend it since it’s incredibly cute and it is filled with meme-able moments and iconic bitchfaces.

Well, that’s it for today. Thank you for reading! Until next time, keep your paws and bowls of ramen up, everyone! Nya! 🐾

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3 thoughts on “Pride Month: Androgynous Girls in Dramas

  1. I love androgynous people, I feel like I can relate to them a lot as a non-binary person. Thanks for sharing these shows! I’d love to check them out. I have seen Coffee Prince and I enjoyed that quite a bit.

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