Pride Month: Sad Story of Emmeline Burns- Visual Novel Review

"Sad Story of Emmeline Burns" is a kinetic yuri visual novel written by Ebi-hime in 2016 as a submission to the Yuri Game Jam. SPOILER ALERT: I will be covering the game from beginning to end so if you’re thinking about playing this, take this as a final warning. “Toma Andrews, aged 14, has always… Continue reading Pride Month: Sad Story of Emmeline Burns- Visual Novel Review

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Pride Month: Kitten’s Favorite-Gay Ships

Everyone has a favorite ship in either a game, series, anime, ect. Reasons for why they ship them, are valid (unless it’s incredibly toxic). Now, choosing my favorite ships per say was rather difficult, so I only chose three off the top of my head. If I do think of any more ships, I’ll probably… Continue reading Pride Month: Kitten’s Favorite-Gay Ships


Pride Month: Double Otome First Impressions- Mystic Land and Nexus Code

Both Mystic Land and Nexus Code were released in 2018. Both BL otomes have you choose between couples rather than have your character be with different characters within the same world. Please note that this first impression is before choosing any of the routes within the game. Mystic Land takes place in Wonderland where you… Continue reading Pride Month: Double Otome First Impressions- Mystic Land and Nexus Code


Summer Nightmare (Visual Novel Review)

Summer Nightmare is a horror visual novel released in 2017. It takes place in a high school where countless students have been going missing- including the son of the principal. Your character is a male high school student who is actually being blamed for the disappearances and even murder- that is until you appear in… Continue reading Summer Nightmare (Visual Novel Review)

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Double Otome/Visual Novel Review: Building Up My Virgin Boy and Seduce Me: The Otome

For Valentine’s Day I’ve been playing otome and visual novels while also trying to read as many romance manga and watching as many romance anime and dramas as I possibly can. During this time, there are many good creations and I’ve seen many people put their talent into good use. Two good examples of this are Red Embrace and Sacrificial Princess and King of Beasts (both of which I have done a review on). There are many creations that I have enjoyed for the past month or so- that being said, there are a few that just didn’t cut it for me.


Red Embrace (Game/Visual Novel Review)

Rex and MC Red Embrace is an Argent Games BL visual novel that was released on February 15, 2018. The story takes place in modern day San Francisco, and starts off in a diner at nighttime. Your character (however you decide to name them unless you decide to keep the original name), works in the… Continue reading Red Embrace (Game/Visual Novel Review)


My First Sim Date?

Sim dates (or Otome Games) are a popular visual novel sub-genre where you, as the player, have to get the male and/or female characters to fall in love with you in order to get the good/true endings of the routes. If done right, the story and the gameplay are rather worth the countless amounts of laughter, tears and moments of frustration from trying to choose the correct answers in order to get a good ending. One example of a dating sim is the korean dating sim that blew up the internet: Mystic Messenger. After this, many people decided to check out other dating sim games. I've played dating sim games for years now, but, of course, I will never forget my first dating sim I ever played.