Pride Month: Cosplay Couple: Baozi and Hana

Image from: Youtube Most of you within the cosplay community—or a fan of cosplay—might’ve seen/know about this couple. If you don’t they are Baozi and Hana. Baozi and Hana are a Chinese cosplay couple that met at a convention in Hangzhou/online (Hana saw Baozi in a convention, but was too shy to actually talk to… Continue reading Pride Month: Cosplay Couple: Baozi and Hana

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Pride Month: Kitten’s Favorite-Gay Ships

Everyone has a favorite ship in either a game, series, anime, ect. Reasons for why they ship them, are valid (unless it’s incredibly toxic). Now, choosing my favorite ships per say was rather difficult, so I only chose three off the top of my head. If I do think of any more ships, I’ll probably… Continue reading Pride Month: Kitten’s Favorite-Gay Ships


K-Pop Work Out Challenge- 1 Week Later

Last week, I decided to take the K-Pop Workout challenge with many changes to my own dietary habits.  I started out being 165 pounds. I checked the scale just now and I am 160.2 pounds! I’m really happy with the results. It wasn’t really easy-especially with the major changes in my dietary habits, but it… Continue reading K-Pop Work Out Challenge- 1 Week Later


Experiment: K-Pop Workout Challenge

Over the past decade, the K-pop community has exploded especially due to certain groups such as Black Pink, Exo, BTS, etc. This has caused countless people to do certain beauty challenges such as the ten-step skin care and makeup challenge among other things. So today I’m going to change things up a bit with an… Continue reading Experiment: K-Pop Workout Challenge


Languages That I know and Why I know/ Study them

A while back, I wrote “Tips for Learning a Foreign Language” as a means for making learning a new language a bit easier and a joyous experience for those interested. Recently, I’ve been thinking on talking about the languages that I know/am learning and why I study them. This is to show that you can… Continue reading Languages That I know and Why I know/ Study them


Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day

So Valentine's Day is around the corner, which means there will be many posts with couples and cute moments, etc. I love romance -specifically romantic comedy. Right now, I'm working on playing a few otome games and reading many romance stories in preparation. It's....interesting to say the least. Anyways, I hope you all look forward… Continue reading Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day